Beyond Typography
Publication Design
As a point of reflection, this journal takes as its inspiration Walter Benjamin’s Unpacking My Library, an essay about collecting and essentially people’s relationships to their books. According to Benjamin, it is a ‘relationship to objects which do not emphasize their functional, utilitarian value.’ Indeed, for Benjamin, this relationship conjures images and memories associated with the books, such as a period in one’s life, the cities visited and rooms occupied. If books can have such a profound effect on our senses, as part of developing a curatorial theme, I wondered how the elements of a book such as its typography and design could contribute to that relationship? In response, the purpose of this anthology is to examine these elements as not just based on historical precedent or formal considerations, but also in light of its ability to make transitive gestures to other areas of life—from the political, social to the personal. Each contribution in this journal discusses a personal connotation or sense of responsibility that emerges from an analysis of typography and book design. These discussions allude to ideas beyond the traditional view of typographic form and function. Each heading is set in a typeface discussed by the authors, giving a voice to each contribution that is not subjective, but rather, archival in intention.
Project Notes:
P.O.D 100pp perfect bound book
Printed on a 70gsm matte paper
Published by First Love Projects

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